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    Which ROKZIN Watch Is Right For You?

    March 02, 2019

    When searching for the right watch, it’s important to find something that fits with your everyday wear and matches your personality, so that you can feel confident, and know that you look on point at all times.

    Here at ROKZIN, we want to give you some pointers on finding the right watch for your style.

    If you’re a quiz kind of guy, check out our matchmaking quiz right here, otherwise read on!

    The Obsidian


    Black Watch With Silver Hour Markers

    The Obsidian watch was designed for guys who like to keep things classic, but want a slightly edgier vibe. The Obsidian’s dark watch face, illuminates the steel hour markers, and matches perfectly with both of our black Horween leather straps for a bold look.

    The Obsidian is certainly one of our more popular watches due to its unique take on the classic watch. With this watch being of a more neutral classic look, it matches well with most styles, including modern trends due to its sleek appearance.

    It pairs awesomely with almost any outfit, especially slim fit pants, a v-neck tee and a sports jacket, or for a more dressy occasion, the Obsidian piece goes perfectly with a dress shirt, slim-fit chinos and some sleek leather chelsea boots.

    It will even work awesomely with just a pair of distressed jeans, a plain white tee and sneakers.

    If you aren’t too sure about which piece to go for, this is your watch!

    Check out the Obsidian here.

    The Howlite


    If you’d consider yourself to be more of the classy type, or want to go for a more neutral look, the Howlite is an excellent choice. This watch style can change its tone completely just by changing the strap colour, so you can coordinate it well with your style vibe.

    The Howlite’s incredibly classic design, will give you plenty of wear due to it’s versatile nature, and its timeless appearance.

    Match it with a blazer jacket, stone colour chinos, and some tan leather shoes for a more classy appearance, or if you’d prefer to go for a more casual look, pair it with jeans, a casual tee and a cosy jumper, or light jacket. Finish it off with a pair of trendy sneakers. These looks will work really well with any of our fine leather straps, so you can have the flexibility of choosing a colour to match your personality.

    This piece will also take you through days at the office as it looks fashionable with a suit when paired with the black straps.  

    Check out the Howlite here.

    The Onyx


    For a completely modern look, we recommend the minimalist Onyx due to its modern style, which gives it an awesome unique look. The all-black watch, makes the single orange second hand vibrant giving this watch a striking appearance. The Onyx watch was designed for trendsetters, who are confident in their personal style, and want to stand out from the crowd.

    Pair the Onyx watch with an all-black outfit for a real sleek style statement, or for a more casual look, some slim fit distressed jeans, a casual tee and a loose shirt over the top, or a sports jacket. Pair this with some awesome sneakers or loafers, depending on your style mood.

    Our favourite way to wear the Onyx watch, is by pairing it with our all-black leather straps to create an incredibly bold accessory for an instant update to your look.

    Check out the Onyx here.

    The Jasper

    Minimal and bold, the Jasper watch offers leisurely style for the relaxed, confident and undeniably stylish man. The black case pops against the fresh-white clock face, showcasing ROKZIN’s trademark arrow. Designed with Horween® leather straps, this handmade piece signals youth and status-- without trying too hard.

    Pair the Jasper with a cardigan or bomber jacket layered over a slim-fit tee, or for a step above, a collared sports shirt. For the pants, choose between denim (destroyed or plain), cropped trousers or luxury joggers.

    We think the Jasper fits perfectly with a pair of white luxe sneakers for a sporty-casual fashion that’ll have people turning heads.

    Check out the Jasper here.

    Here at ROKZIN, we are pleased to present the above watches as our launch collection. We’ve put an incredible amount of time and effort into making these watches timeless, yet current for guys who want to add something extra to their style. We feel that an outfit is never complete without a stylish watch, and we know that you’ll feel the same way once you’ve sport a ROKZIN watch.

    Shop the whole collection here.