The ROKZIN story starts with its founder, Alex Mark, a young marketing entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the online world having advertised all sorts of interesting products.

In his personal life, Alex is a minimalist design enthusiast and has always had a great interest in watches.

Always on the lookout for a new timepiece to change his look, he started noticing dozens of new direct to consumer watch brands appear in recent years. Intrigue soon got the better of him and he began buying these watches - they seemed like a great deal; stylish design, good quality, and a fair price. But it didn’t take long to realise that the "fair price" wasn't fair at all, and the "good quality" materials lasted less than 6 months. With each purchase, he became more disappointed.

Soon he realised he wasn't alone. Dozens of Youtube videos started filling his feed, all upset in one way or another at the quality of these "affordable luxury" watches. He pondered, if this many people are being vocal about their poor experience, how many more are there remaining silent? Clearly these watches aren't good enough. Alex knew the online world could be a jungle of deception, but enough is enough.

A Brand to make things right.

For 3 years, Alex immersed himself further in the world of watches - continuing to learn, travelling to several factories throughout the world, learning some more and finding the best manufacturers and materials to put together a well-designed, quality watch (and strap) at a very fair price.

What started as an interest, soon became a passion for Alex. After a lot of struggle, sweat and miles travelled, ROKZIN was born. A watch brand focused on being a symbol of quality and fairness. With every watch designed, the ROKZIN team focuses on, and will continue to focus on, providing a truly quality watch combining minimalist design, accurate time-keeping, and high quality material.

Today, ROKZIN provides men with on-trend watches for an incredibly fair price.